Jerusalem Export House - Bringing The Holy Land to the World since 1969

Wholesalers, Resellers and Drop Shippers

For those interested in partnering with us we have a number of options to make it easier for you to sell our items. To get started please create an account at and then contact us from our contact form or by emailing or calling us, letting us know which program you are interested in so that we can approve your account and get you the appropriate price lists.


We import our items from Bethlehem and Israel to our location in central Massachusetts, from there we QA the items for damage & defects and then send them to you or your customers.


Account Types:

Wholesaler – these are our larger clients, usually ordering for their stores or chains. Wholesale prices are custom and usually done by price quotes.

Reseller – these are the stores of all sizes that purchase directly from us. Reseller discount rate is usually 50% off of the retail prices


Drop Shipper – these sell the items in their websites or catalogs, and have us ship the items directly to their customers.