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14 Piece Olive Wood Nativity and Manger Set

14 Piece Olive Wood Nativity and Manger Set

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A distinct gift from the Holy Land: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Magi, Shephearder with Lamb,
Barn Animals, and Manger. This set is hand made in the Holy city of
Bethlehem. Not just a Christmas decoration, but a work of art. This set has the highest level
of detailed carvings that we offer: The expressions on the faces are readable, the clothing
hangs realistically off the figures, and even the animals are textured.
Mary, Joseph, the Magi, and a Shepherded are all paying homage to Baby Jesus. These high
detailed carvings are lovingly hand carved out of Olive Wood that is native to the Holy Land.
Olive Wood has a rich beautiful natural dark grain that contrasts against the lighter color of
the wood. The figures are free standing, allowing you to arrange them however is appropriate in
your home.
Each set is unique and distinct. The figures are not molded. The scene is not prefabricated.
Every piece is carefully hand crafted and then hand assembled by a Christian Family in the Holy
City of Bethlehem. No two Nativity sets are the same.
All the wood used is Olive Wood that is locally grown in orchards between the Holy Cities of
Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Olive Trees do not grow from seeds: they are grafted, like vines. Some of
Olive trees are hundreds of years old. The families of artisans that have been producing these
carvings have been doing so for hundreds of years.
Most people cannot travel to the Holy Land. Let us bring the Holy Land to you. Grace your
home with this unique and impressive Nativity, a true piece of the Holy Land, can bring to someone

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