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All About Nativity Sets

History Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is also a holiday season and we also enjoy gifts, festivities and delicious cuisine. We find ourselves busy during this festive season with holiday party invitations, season’s commercials running in all types of media and the bustling town centers. All these may lead us to forget the true origins of a Christmas holiday. The thought of Christmas itself brings a feeling of warmth and happiness to most of our minds. This is the time were families get together and observes the sacred day.

Christmas is a sacred day because of its religious significance. Christians all around the world celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We remember this day by offering gifts to our friends and relatives and by decorating our homes. One of the traditional ways to celebrate Christmas times is to display the Nativity scene. We know that Jesus was given birth by Virgin Mary in a manger in Bethlehem. Three kings and shepherds from all corners did come to this manger to see the child who they believed took birth to free the whole world from his sins. A Nativity set is prepared to commemorate this scene which happened in the manger.

13 Piece Olive Wood Nativity Set medium - $242.32

A standard Nativity set includes the Holy Family, infant Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. Other nativity pieces are the magi, shepherds, angels and animals. The Nativity set is said to have been in practice from the times of St. Francis of Assisi. Types You can find a variety of Nativity Sets for all types of homes, institutions, churches and other commercial enterprises. These include both indoor and outdoor Nativity Sets and also from tabletop sets to life size sets. The giant Nativity set do take larger time to set up, but they are most commonly put out outside the churches or other institutions were they attract the attention of many. Set Up By setting up Nativity Sets we are not only celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ but also passing on messages to our younger generation. They will find it easy to understand the story behind Christmas when they see these Nativity Sets and take time to prepare it.

There are some smaller Nativity Sets or those specially made for children available in stores which can be used to teach the children. Most of us also prepare a stable and put this Nativity set in it. The stable is usually made out of wood and gives some more authenticity to our Nativity Scene. When a Nativity Set is prepared outside one must consider preparing stables which can withstand the outdoor climate and last for long times.

You can add more beauty to your Nativity Sets by adding serial lights or illumination. Many collections like the Fontanni Masterpiece Nativity are available in the market which can make Nativity Sets look more beautiful. Many Nativity Sets are made from the olive wood of the Holy Land. These are priceless religious gifts and they can be the best gift that you can someone after a visit to the Holy Land.

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