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Angels: Biblical Data and Facts

For centuries there have been numerous rumors and myths about angels. Many different cultures, sects and religions talked about them and the different shapes and forms angels assume. Disbelievers aside, there are some proven studies and proofs of their existence. According to some, there existence is just a matter of belief and faith in the hearts of those who believe them. Some individuals believed that angels are there as messengers of God and they are there to serve and protect mankind.  According to some people, they are loving creatures who are filled with kindness and love n their hearts.

They are beautiful beings with deep compassion, understanding, healing, wisdom and protection. According to religious intellectuals, astral guides and angels can talk to individuals who have extrasensory perception (ESP). With their ESP powers, they can speak and can communicate with them. Religious books and facts show that angels exist in different levels each with different powers. Angels are categorized into cherubins, seraphims, dominions, principalities, powers, archangels and demigods. Despite their ranking, they are there to serve God and follow whatever His orders are. Religious history shows that angels existed since Creation itself.

Their existence are very well manifested, read and heard in mythologies, stories, fables, beliefs and other stories. Much more, some religion even talked about them, their existence and their works. Despite the varied ways on how the personalities and beings of angels are being interpreted, they exist and are often mentioned in the Bible. Did you know how many times the word “angels” or “angel” are mentioned in the Bible? According to religious scholars and intellectual, angels are talked or mentioned approximately 273 times throughout the entire 34 sections of the Bible such as Genesis, Job, Luke, Matthew, Mark, Psalms, Romans, Revelations and many more. Did you know about the categorization of angels and their differences.

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These are all mentioned in the Bible. Ways on how angels are presented in the Bible include:

  • Angels were all made or created by God. This is mentioned in verse 1, chapter 2 of Genesis and verse 6 and chapter 9. It is also mentioned in verse 9 chapter 3 of Ephesians.
  • They all directly report to God. This is stated in verse 6 chapter 1 of Job and verse 1 Chapter 2.
  • They were already present during creation of the world. This is told in verse 1 chapter 38 of Job.
  • They are the ones who announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds. It can be found in verse 14, chapter 10 of Luke.
  • They are spirit beings. It is mentioned in verse 4 chapter 104 of Psalms.
  • They are invisible beings. It is mentioned in verse 18 chapter 1 of Romans.
  • They are made to live forever. It is mentioned in verse 8 chapter 4 of Revelations.
  • They do not marry. It is mentioned in verse 30 chapter 33 of Matthew.
  • They exist to glorify God. It is mentioned in verse 8 chapter 4 of Revelations.
To know more about how angels are distinctively mentioned in the Bible, you can scan or peruse the Bible and see the differences yourself.

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