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Angels: Facts and Attributes

We have read books about angels and seen movies about them. But despite their popularity in print, radio and television, we lack information on who they really are and what are their vital roles in our lives. According to religious books, angels already existed even before the creation of the universe and of mankind. They are the loyal soldiers of God who are tasked to give protection and to guide mankind. For years, we have seen pictures of angels in religious books, mythology books and other literature of all cultures worldwide.

Some of them have bodies and some have wings. To give you insights on what angels really are, read this article below. What are they? According to religious historical books, angels already existed before the Creation. They are beings from the lower region of heaven who act as special messengers and soldiers of God. According to religious experts, each of us has a guardian angel who guard and guide us in everything we do. They believed that angels are the ones who speak to us mentally giving warning when we do wrong. According to religious intellectuals, there are about 30 types of angels and the most renowned according to spiritual hierarchy are:

  • Archangel Principalities
  • Seraphim
  • Powers
  • Dominions
  • Cherubim

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Personas of Angels Angels do not have gender and neither female or male. They are made up of love, energy and light, thus they do not have human form. You may ask why we see them in human personas, right? They exist and are shown in such form because it is in this manner that human beings are comfortable with. In some instances they appear in different forms like sounds, lights, feelings, colors and scents. Sometimes, they appear in dreams or in the form of departed loved ones to give special message to us.

Some people ask if they are worthy of reverence, while some inquire if we need to pray to them. It is only to God that we pray, thus we do not pray to them. We interact and talk to them to ask for guidance. Bear in mind that they do not have the freedom of choice and will do to what they want like human beings. They are not permitted nor they have the authority to interfere with our lives, unless they are ordered by God to carry out some special mission and orders. If you are down and troubled and you have no one to turn too, you can always talk to them and discuss with them your problems.

Remember that they see everything and they know everything about you. There is nothing wrong if you ask guidance and help from them when needed. To contact your angel, you can call them anytime and anywhere you may be. You can also build an altar for them where you can meditate and where you can ask for their guidance. You can choose a place for the said purpose. It can be a small table or a book shelf in the corner of your room where you can communicate with them and where you can speak to them. You can place table cloth, candles, stones, flowers or figures of angels on this area.

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