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Angels of Mons and the British Army

Have you heard of the story of the Angels of Mons and how it save the lives of the British army during World War I? Who are the Angels of Mons? It was a popular legend about group of angels who saved and protected the British soldiers during the Battle of Mons during the start of World War I. It was a fictitious story written by Arthur Macheon which created tremors, hysteria and propaganda among the masses. The short story was published on September 10, 1914 in the London newspaper “The Evening News.” The short story entitled “The Bowmen” was inspired and based on the war of the British force at Mons.

The short story was about phantom bowmen of the Battle of Agincourt who were summoned by soldiers who asked the assistance of Saint George. During those times, Machen’s story was never labeled as fiction and it has been reprinted several times in the same newspaper. Despite of his unintention to create tremors and hoax of the reading public, there were requests from different sources requesting him to provide his sources for the story. He responded the readers and told them that the short story was complete imaginary and fiction and he had no intention of attracting attention.

The story does not end there and it did not fade into history. When the worship of angels recurred in 1980s, the story of the Angels of Mons found its way back to the reading public. Those who loved and worshipped angels surely know and can relate to the story. It paved its way back to the popular mythology and retold by the masses for centuries and without criticisms. Much more, it can also be found in the historical records of the military. Story of the Angel of Mons The story began in August 1914 in Mons, Belgium.

The plot started when the German army took a sweep move to France during the start of World War I. Even though the destruction of the British army was already assured due to the vast numbers of Germany army sweeping against the British Expeditionary Force, some strange event happens when at the last moment of their destruction, a brigade angels from heaven appeared and protected the British army from their destruction. According to historical military records, it was not the first time that the German and British armies encountered and it was not also a British victory. During the Battle of Mons, the British army was outnumbered by about 4 to 1, but they were Lee-Enfield rifles.

Despite their expertise, their ammunition ran low because they were outnumbered by the Germans. During the war the British army teased and joked each other because they knew they were already dead men. One of the soldiers prayed and asked the help of Saint George, the patron saint of England. From that moment on, the British soldiers felt they were protected by heavenly presence of shining bowmen surrounding them. They soldiers believed that Saint George protected them and brought along with him the ghosts of bowmen who fought the battle in Agincourt in 1415. The Angels of Mons were the ones who fought the battle and protected the British army by their arrows.

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