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Designs of Christian Crosses

Everywhere you go, you can see different designs of crosses worn by people, individuals and clergies. Some people wonder about the meanings of the different designs of Christian crosses. What is the difference between these designs? Does each cross design signify something different compared to other designs of Crosses?


What is the Importance of Cross to Christians?

For centuries, the cross has been used by Christians to signify the human symbol of Jesus Christ's sacrifice to save the people from their sins and to restore their broken relationship with God the Father. Jesus Christ gave his life by dying on the cross to give people the chance to have everlasting life by repenting their sins and by putting their complete trust to Jesus Christ. From ancient times to the present, it is the most important and common Christian symbol that separates Christianity from other religion such as Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. It consists of two bars or lines which are perpendicular to each other and dividing the two lines in half. These lines run both horizontally and vertically. Did you know that there exist several designs of the Christian cross?

Hand Carved Olive Wood
Celtic Style Cross with Beveled Edges

History and Origin of the Word Cross

The word “cross” came from the Latin word “crux,” a Greek translation of stauros. During the Roman times, the cross served as a torture device for criminals and it was use for crucifixion. The Latin word “crux” later became “cros” by Old Irish and introduced as “cross” to the English language during the 10th century. The different types of Christian crosses:Latin Cross – is the most common design and widely used cross nowadays characterized by its simple design of short and long vertical lines intersecting. This design is not only seen in jewelries and literature, but it is also preferred by individuals who want to have a cross tattoo on their bodies. Individuals of various nationalities incorporated Latin cross on their lives. • Anchor Cross – This type of cross design is popular and wide used among sailors. It is originated in Egypt and later used by the Christians. It is one of the most widely used cross design nowadays. • Celtic Cross – It is also known as Cross of Iona. It is commonly seen and used by early Christians in Britannia. It is characterized by the Latin cross as base and a small circle around the intersection of arms. It is also widely used in tattoo designs. • Greek cross – It is used by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the early Christian church. It is characterized by a equal length of arms. Moreover, the thicker version of this cross is used as the American Red Cross symbol. • High Cross – It is used by the Celtics in churches and graveyards. It is commonly seen in the United States, Ireland and Great Britain. • Jerusalem Cross – Commonly known as Crusaders Cross. It is considered as the symbol of Jerusalem’s Crusader Kingdom and characterized by the two equal arms length with four small Greek style cross on its four corners signifying the direction where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was spread. Designs of these crosses are different from each other. Be sure to evaluate and do some research before deciding which cross you like to use.

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Crown of thorns


The Crown of Thorns represents the suffering and agony of Jesus on the cross for the sole purpose of achieving salvation of humanity on earth.

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