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Experiencing Angels on Earth

Throughout our existence, angels have had many different representations in our society. Some may picture them in the clouds as they make loops and figures, moving through the skies. Others see them in simple instances such as a stranger helping you up in the street; or in life-threatening ones like a fireman saving a trapped woman in a burning building.

These range from many encounters to extremely bizarre ones like seeing it in your coffee in the morning! Do you picture angels as those brave winged warriors, armor- clad and armed for God’s battle with the demons? Or do you see them as those sentient beings, with rosy cheeks and little wings? You know those little chubby ones you see on greeting cards?

The fact remains that whatever form they might actually be, they play quite a role in life-changing events for some people. Some may refer to it as mere imagination but with all due respect to those, we can never tell. Seeing and hearing may be one thing, experiencing is another. There are thousands of stories and thousands more of pictures of angelic encounters. With humans getting smarter, some may not be even real stories.


Technology has changed and we could almost make any photo seem real with a myriad of computer applications. These made society more skeptic, and thus made miracles less significant. But what about those claimed encounters? Since the early days of man from the Bible, to people getting cured by pure faith; society is left boggled and divided. Although not all are as dramatic as the “pillar of cloud” in the Bible, some may actually be right around the corner. In our modern life things go so fast.

Sometimes we forget to slow down a little and appreciate things around us and contemplate on our situation. After all, angels are God’s workers. When you did your best and couldn’t do more, they might offer a hand if you let them. Some angels might be the ones you least expected – like the everyday people, which includes you. Before Christianity, Moralists taught us one simple rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”  This ponders on the fact that by nature, humans are morally good given the situation.

 Some might argue that humans are also fully capable of being evil but isn’t that what “choice” is for? Choosing the path of a paragon can be quite hard but it can be the most rewarding. You don’t need fancy wings and nifty powers to become an angel. If you have faith in God and in yourself, you can always choose to do the right thing and become an angel to others and in the community.  Being nice isn’t being lame; it’s just doing the right thing. Humans respond better with positive reinforcement thus contributes to the cycle.

So in whatever endeavor you are in, be an angel. There are others like you and you’ll never know when they might come in handy. Being nice has its perks and doing the right thing never hurts. God is always watching, and He’s just letting you grow. No one said it was easy but He always stated that it was more glorious.

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Crown of thorns


The Crown of Thorns represents the suffering and agony of Jesus on the cross for the sole purpose of achieving salvation of humanity on earth.

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