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Hand Made Gifts from Bethlehem

Religious gifts are the best way to touch the hearts of our loved ones. No other gift can replicate these religious gifts as they are widely accepted by all types of people. Before choosing a religious gift, we should know something personal about the person. All of us do have faith in some religion and so this is the main factor to be considered while choosing a religious gift.

The religious background of the person is the basis on which we select the religious gift for him. If unknowingly we give a wrong gift, then it would cause much harm than good. If you are a Christian follower or do wish to give some gifts to some one of Christian faith then there are actually plenty of options before you to choose. Most of the Christian religious gifts are based from the events of the bible. It may include both incidents from the Old Testament and New Testament as well. Bible offers us a variety of subjects covering happiness, suffering, sadness, pain, charity and hope.


Any occasion you think off, there are incidents in bible which you can make use of to prepare gifts to your loved ones. The most popular religious gifts of the catholic faith do come from the Holy Land. These are genuine handmade gifts from Bethlehem. Most of these handmade gifts are made from olive woods. These woods are taken from olive trees which are hundreds and thousands of years old and found in the locality of Bethlehem. These trees are believed to be very holy as they are in existence from the times of Jesus Christ. Bethlehem is the place where Christ lived and preached among people. So the woods from these trees are found very holy by the faithful.

The wood is never harvested by killing live trees but in fact the woods are taken from the branches of those trees that have been cut down for maintenance or those trees that have died due to old age or disease. Most of these olive trees are thousands of years old and the authorities make sure that no live tree is cut down to take wood from it. The suppliers of these olive woods should certify that these woods are from the Holy Land and no live tree has been cut down for the purpose of taking woods.

The religious gifts from the Holy Land especially those made out of the olive woods are very popular among the faithful. There are many handmade gifts that can be made out these olive woods. In fact the craftsmen of the surrounding locality do come with more and more new ideas each time. Some of the products that can be made out of these woods are a cross with a leather strap for the purpose of hanging it around our neck or a handmade statue to be kept in your home. There are some websites were we can go for specialization by selecting the event of our choice from the bible and ask them to do a statue on it.

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