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Making Christmas Politically Correct is just too Much

There have been many issues that involved changing original Christmas traditions for the sake of being politically correct.

Just recently, at Rhode Island, during the annual tree lighting event, Governor Lincoln Chafee insisted upon calling what people have always known as a Christmas tree, a Holiday Tree instead. This is in an effort to respect the religious diversity of the State.

Unfortunately, not everyone responded nicely to this change. Soon Gov. Chafee's office was filled with complains that didn't just come from the state but also from all parts of the country. A big portion of Rhode Island's residents are Catholics and for them, the change is a direct insult to their tradition. Changing the name erases what is for them, the true meaning of this holiday: the birth of Christ.

Gov Chaffee however pretty much stands by his decision and even argues that if the tree is inside his house, then it would be called a Christmas tree. But for the sake of the public, the tree that was mounted for this particular holiday will be called a Holiday tree. Rhode Island, after all, is supposed to be a sanctuary of different religions and hence there shouldn't be any biases in terms of religion whenever the state celebrates a holiday.

Republican lawmaker Doreen Costa couldn't disagree more. She argues that the governor is trying too hard to be politically correct. She even went as far as putting up her own Christmas tree located at the State house and decided to light it up on the same day that the Holiday day tree was lit. This way, people can have an option: go for the Holiday tree or the Christmas tree?

Even the Christmas tree farm that donated the tree to the state had something to say about it. They candidly argued that they are a Christmas tree farm and not a Holiday tree farm.

Those who opposed the Governor's decision argue further that in the first place, no one has been offended by the fact that a Christmas tree is called a Christmas tree. The purpose that motivated the change is simply not worth it compared to the controversies created.

The question here is whether other religions really do mind the way Christmas is being celebrated.

Apparently, Muslims don't have anything against it. They even have their own trees as decoration and even exchange gifts too.

Jews are pretty neutral about Christmas too. They even participate with the events although they don't consider it a religious holiday like the Christians do.

There's simply no religion that disagrees with what Christmas is about: goodwill, joy and peace. Even atheists agree that what Christmas represents is right and that is enough for it to be celebrated.

Is there actually anybody out there who finds Christmas activities offending?

Would anyone disapprove of giving Christmas gifts to charities during Christmas time? Sure it could be done more often and at different time of year, but a lot of people are actually happy at the idea that there is one time of the year where help is abundant.

Christmas season is not just a celebration that is exclusive to Christianity after all so why make a big deal about the religious aspect of it like this?

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