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Olive Wood Statues

Religious gifts have a way of touching the hearts of our loved ones. Most among us believe in a particular faith or religion. Many attach much importance to religious gifts because these gifts can make inspire us. Before choosing a religious gift you should to consider many things. The most important thing that should be considered is the person's religious background and the type of upbringing that he or she received so that you can match the right gift to the right person.

Religious gifts have quite a bit of significance in Christianity. People exchange gifts to share their joy with others. They can be in the form of statues, rosaries, nativity sets etc. In many cases events form the bible are depicted or chosen as subject for these gifts. One of the most important Christian religious gifts would be items made out of genuine Bethlehem Olive Wood. This wood is actually imported from the Holy Land. The olive wood comes from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth; the areas were Christ lead and preached for most of his life. The olive woos is harvested without cutting the live trees but it is actually taken from branches that have been cut for maintenance or those old trees that died due to some disease. Most of these trees have been around for many years and some even say that they are thousands of years old.

Olive Wood Palm Tree Nativity - $34.24

The suppliers of this olive wood certify that it  is from the Holy Land and it was not cut from a living tree but taken from those old trees which have fallen down due to some diseases or trimmed for maintenance. The craftsmen use this Holy Wood to create different types of religious items. It depends on their creativity; they can turn this wood into many types of religious items. A cross with a leather strap to hang around your neck can be easily prepared from this wood. Another popular item is hand carved statues. Most of the hand-carved items are not too expensive. Sometimes laser technology is used to carve exotic shapes with detailed images from the wood.

There are people who would like to personalize their gifts with their own selection of images and wordings. You cannot find hand carved or other gifts from this wood in your nearby gift shop which could be personalized. The only option for you to get these is to search on the internet and find importers or wait for a friend or family member to visit the Holy Land. A gift or a statue which depicts an event from the bible can be very special to the one who is receiving it. These gifts are actually gaining popularity from day to day.

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Crown of thorns


The Crown of Thorns represents the suffering and agony of Jesus on the cross for the sole purpose of achieving salvation of humanity on earth.

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