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The Special Meaning of Frankincense

A Brief History and Healing Advantages of Frankincense. Frankincense is Both Spiritual and Holistic.

From the bible verses surrounding the birth of Christ to the botanical history of and the Ayurvedic medicinal resurgence in holistic oils, Frankincense is a chemical and spiritual jewel. The story of Christ’s birth in the holy city of Bethlehem has been considered an oft read and recited holiday tradition that has spanned the fullness of time as mentioned in Galatians 4:4-5. That in terms of history, sets the clock back to 6 or 5 BC.  

Frankincense was also one of the main ingredients that God commanded be used in the making of the holy anointing oil. From the resin sap of the Boswellia tree native to the southern coastal Arabian regions, this white, bitter smelling compound turns into a perfumed richness only befit for a King which is a reason why the biblical Israelites kept it pure and sacred in all tabernacles and as was spoken in Exodus 30:34-38. Oddly enough, it is quite an expensive commodity and rare to find in it purity because of the wars and social tensions in the area of it’s growth.

The worthy gift of the Three Magi, it also known as the fragrance of His life and denoted that whoever in its possession, shall be deserving of worship., just as myrrh is the prophetic gift which foretold of His glorified death by crucifixion and gold is the voice of His birth herald was to declare the arrival of a King. It is white to signify purity, able to deflect the falsity of all evil and acts as a spiritual good beacon of light.

The ayurvedic medicinal value of frankincense are multiple as well. Biblically reputed to be found in ancient religious histories and known as the “Wise Man’s Cure”, when mixed with essence of myrrh, this was considered to be an affective antiseptic property used to treat inflammations from toothaches to leprosy. Modern day homeopaths now keep use of it to curb the symptoms of arthritis, digestive issues, asthma, oral problems, and some proclaim that it may ward off certain cancers, although this is not documented as being medically true.

Suggestions to take internally suggest that a couple of drops under your tongue will administer an appropriate dosage and if unappealing to your palate that way, you can dilute it in water or nonacidic, dairy free beverage. Add it to a spoon of honey or even coconut oil and enjoy the health benefits of befitting that of a King.

When burned in incense form, the purification of its scent can kill microbial germs and stop a spread of mild viral residual ailments like the flu or common cold.  For the devoted, this gift also heals spiritually by cleansing the soul while in prayerful meditations, can boost energy and provide an overall calming peace of mind.

With all the multipurpose uses of this wondrous gift of the Magi, now you can bring the worthiest of all into your home, heart, and spirit. May the blessings of His fragrance of life be ever yours.

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