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Unveiling the Secrets of the Mysterious Well of Souls in Jerusalem

Have you heard of the mysterious Well of Souls? Did you know that the answer to these mysteries are hidden beneath the ruined Jewish Temple, which is believed to be found under the Islamic shrine beneath an undisclosed underground cave. It is believed that the Well of Souls is found on Jerusalem, in a site known as Temple Mount to the Jews and Noble Sanctuary to the Muslims. According to religious experts, the Well of Souls contain the elusive, mysterious and fabled Ark of  the Covenant. According to the Bible, the Ark of  the Covenant is the sacred vessel that contains the original Ten Commandments which God gave to Moses in Mount Sinai, when the ancient Israelites strayed the desert. Some people say that the Wells of Souls is found under a natural cave where Abraham prepared his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God.

No one knows whether this Wells of Souls really exists or its just a mystery, but knocking the cave floor beneath the Muslim Dome of Rock shrine produces a hollow echo, which some people alleged as a hidden chamber. However, some individuals also concluded that this sound is the byproduct of small fissure below the floor. Some individuals alleged that the Temple Mount contains 45 cisterns, tunnels, chambers and caves. What is The Ark of  the Covenant? Don's ask Indiana Jones, but it is considered the most important Biblical relics of all times because it contains the bedrock of righteous Christian life, the Ten Commandments. For centuries, the mystery of the Ark of  the Covenant aroused the interests of laymen,  scholars, explorers and writers.

Results of the archeological studies of W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research senior fellow Shimon Gibson reveal the presence of historical references of the Ark during the First Temple’s establishment, but records disappeared completely during 40 B.C., the time of King Herod. Some alleged that the Ark was destroyed during the demolition of the First Temple in about 586 B.C. They believed that it was hidden and spirited away during the invasion. Some also purported that the Ark could have been stolen or destroyed during the invasion of Roman legions in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Biblical accounts show that the Ark was made of wood and coated with several sheets of gold.

Since it was made of wood, some scholars concluded that the Ark was destroyed and was not able to survive the unfavorable weather conditions, otherwise it contained holy properties. According to archeologist Ronny Reich from Haifa University, countless books were written about the account of the Ark of  the Covenant and movies were filmed to account the existence of the Ark, but no real data was found about it. At present, the Temple Mount and the natural cave underneath the Dome of Rock are open to tourists, depending on the political and local security situation. Until now, the Ark of  the Covenant remains a mystery to everybody and no one really knows its location, its status and its whereabouts. A mystery that stays hidden for centuries.

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